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Applications for the 2017 bazaar will be accepted until Nov 1,2017

1. There is no wi-fi access in the school. There is no way for us to offer this, the school district does not provide access to wi-fi and the PTA can not provide it. If you would like to accept credit cards at your booth, you have to use your data. Please be aware that cell phone reception is not always 100% reliable inside the school.

2. We do advertise the bazaar in both local papers. We have an ad in the "special bazaar editions" as well as the week(s) before the bazaar. 

3. The kitchen is also run by a vendor. The PTA and bazaar chair have no control or input over what is served or prices. The bazaar chair picks up your orders and delivers your food as a courtesy to you, but does not work for the kitchen vendor. 

4. The application and information will be available here on Aug 1 every year. We no longer mail out applications. Applications must be printed and mailed. WE DO NOT ACCEPT EMAILED APPLICATIONS. 

5. Spaces and applications are accepted on a first come first serve basis, which means just because you have always had a spot, does not mean you will get that spot, unless you send in that application ASAP after Aug 1.

6. Applications can not be completed online. You must print and mail them with your vendor fees. 

7. The bazaar is completely run by volunteers, for the benefit of the PTA. We do our best to make everyone happy, and will work with you if there is a problem. 

Feel free to contact the Bazaar chair, Shae Bennet at 360-809-0562 or 

  If you have any questions, please contact the Greywolf Office at 360-582-3300 or check out our Facebook group!


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